Tyler and Alexandra: ATL

This weekend I went down to Atlanta to spend time with my friends and then to see a concert I’ve been wanting to see since I was in 9th grade! We don’t have to talk about the fact that I got really sick and pretty much ruined the weekend for everyone because BEFORE that happened I got to take some cute lovey-dovey photos of Alexandra and Tyler! Seriously hoping we can do a do-over soon, and hopefully take even more pictures together because um, look at them!!

Al and Tyler in ATL36Al and Tyler in ATL31Al and Tyler in ATL1Al and Tyler in ATL3Al and Tyler in ATL7Al and Tyler in ATL13Al and Tyler in ATL14Al and Tyler in ATL18Al and Tyler in ATL19Al and Tyler in ATL29Al and Tyler in ATL30Al and Tyler in ATL33Al and Tyler in ATL34Al and Tyler in ATL37Al and Tyler in ATL39Al and Tyler in ATL46Al and Tyler in ATL48

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