The Ponder Family – Waiting for Baby!

Last weekend I met up with Ashley, Joe, Dawson and Deacon Ponder to capture some photos before their new baby arrives next month!

The Ponders are the sweetest! I can remember helping Ashley and Joe mail wedding invitations out and later on babysitting for their precious boys. Dawson was the ring bearer in MY wedding! Needless to say, we can all hardly wait to meet their newest addition. Here’s some highlights.

Ponder Family Nov. 2017-1Ponder Family Nov. 2017-37Ponder Family Nov. 2017-31Ponder Family Nov. 2017-28Ponder Family Nov. 2017-10Ponder Family Nov. 2017-12Ponder Family Nov. 2017-13Ponder Family Nov. 2017-7Ponder Family Nov. 2017-23Ponder Family Nov. 2017-18Ponder Family Nov. 2017-21Ponder Family Nov. 2017-15Ponder Family Nov. 2017-44Ponder Family Nov. 2017-42Ponder Family Nov. 2017-41Ponder Family Nov. 2017-57Ponder Family Nov. 2017-55Ponder Family Nov. 2017-51Ponder Family Nov. 2017-47Ponder Family Nov. 2017-60

One thought on “The Ponder Family – Waiting for Baby!

  1. Jane Clemons

    I am so very proud of you for so many things but your Photography is absolutely beautiful! The Ponder Family Pics are gorgeous and the subjects are beautiful also! I will tell my gals to get in touch with you the next time they need Family Photos.
    Love You,
    Jane Clemons


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